It’s all about the cheese but many of us haven’t noticed how much of the yellow stuff is now being imported.

For decades Australian dairy farmers have been paid below the costs of production for their product. Over the last 5 years hundreds of family owned dairies have closed because of the poor profitability in the industry which produces an unsustainable business model. Often dairy farmers are forced to sell their product at prices set by processors which are well below their cost per litre to produce.

It’s all about the cheese but many of us haven’t noticed how much of the yellow stuff is now being imported.

Dairy Farmers have called out Woolworth’s for doing their best to screw Australian dairy farmers again. This time with fully imported cheese packaged under the brand ‘Real Dairy Australia.’
Real Dairy Australia operate from a Queensland address and while Queensland dairy farmers are desperate to sell their product at a fair price, Real Dairy Australia are packaging fully imported cheap cheese and selling it to cost conscious Australian families which is hurting our dairy farmers. It’s not just Woolworth’s selling the cheap imported cheese but Coles and IGA are taking imported cheese for retail sale as well.
The federal government continue to lie about our food security by choosing not to tell us that dairy imports have increased from $337 million to $1.67 billion over the last 17 years and that Australia dairy exports have stalled at $3 billion a year. Essentially dairy is Australia’s third largest agricultural commodity and Australian families are consuming more dairy than every but our local production has decreased while the importation of cheap foreign dairy products has continued to rise.
We can improve our food security by doing one simple thing… support local Australian dairy farmers by checking the labels to confirm that it is Australian made and only buying Australian produced dairy products.

Here’s our #PolicySnapShot

Fair Milk Pricing

As part of our Food Security Policy the ABF party supports the introduction of a minimum gate price per litre for Aussie Milk. We need to ensure Australian Dairy Farmers achieve a fair price for their product to protect the viability of their businesses, and to guarantee supply to Australian families.

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