Better Candidates

Representing Our Families.

Jewell Drury – NSW Senate Candidate

Jewell is currently working in a volunteer capacity, as the media officer for an organisation who is focused on the mental health needs of the youth of Port Stephens. Jewell is a believer in being the change that you want to see in the world. She lives and breathes the Australian Better Families mantra that “We are Better Together”. Jewell is honoured to be preselected by the Australian Better Families Party as their first Federal Candidate and their No 1 Senate Candidate for NSW. To learn more about Jewell follow her on Facebook here Jewell Drury ABF Party.

Graham McFarland – Greenway

Having worked in Retail Management for 28 years, where he was working for small and large Australian businesses, Graham specialized in Business Development, and is currently involved in developing retailing in Country NSW. He spends his spare time coordinating volunteers in NSW for court support and crisis accommodation. Graham understands that we must provide better support to families affected by domestic violence, and families dealing with the effects of family separation. To learn more about  Graham follow him on Facebook here Graham McFarland ABF Party.

Become a Candidate

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Are you interested in representing your community as a candidate for the Australian Better Families Party?

The first step in the process is to confirm that you are eligible to stand legally and if elected carry out the role as an elected member of parliament. To do this you should read the candidate requirements listed here on the Australian Electoral Commissions website.

After confirming that you are eligible to stand as a candidate you would also need to confirm that you have the financial resources available to you.

AEC Fee for the House of Representatives $2000

AEC Fee for the Senate $2000

ABF Signage Fee $1500

Expressions of interest to become an ABF Party federal candidate can be emailed to Leith Erikson Include your resume, links to social media accounts and referees.


We invite you to become a member and partner in reforming social policy as part of the Australian Better Families Party. We know through better social policy we can provide better opportunities for our families and the future of our nation.



Reform won't happen by itself, it will take all of us working together and every dollar counts. As a new federal political party, we need your financial support to promote our policies to ensure every Australian hears about the ABF Party on the lead up to the next federal election.



Jewell Drury, Australian Better Families Party first candidate and our number one Senate candidate for NSW in federal parliament. Follow the link below to find out more about Jewell, her family and what makes her the right choice to represent the families of New South Wales.


The Australian Better Families Party, with your help, will fix social policy and ensure Australian families are the first to benefit from policy decisions made by the government.

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