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Social policy reform is a job every Australian should be concerned about and as your federal political party, we want to be involved on the ground in your community.

Our job isn’t to just talk about better lives for our families, our job is to ensure policy reforms provide better lives for our families that help us move forward as a better nation.

Please use our Facebook page to interact with the ABF Party and our candidates, ask questions, share ideas, connect with friends and family and invite us to get involved in your event or community program.

We can make social policy reform happen when we do it together.

This man’s death is a result of the anti male propaganda that has now deemed all boys and men perpetrators and all girls and women victims in Australia.Organisations like Our Watch, White Ribbon and government funded domestic violence providers have blood on their hands!Here’s another example where police policy has been influenced by a false narrative that only women can be victims of domestic violence which has cost this father of two his life. This from the ABC. A coroner has found police failed to follow family violence policy before a woman murdered her ex-partner in a small Grampians town.Victorian Coroner John Cain has released his findings into the death of 70-year-old Colin Snooks, who was run down by Janice Bufton in the driveway of her Fyans Creek property on October 30, 2017.In September 2019 the Supreme Court sentenced Bufton to 24 years' imprisonment, which was reduced on appeal to 20 years in August 2021.There had been a history of family violence in the relationship and police made applications for intervention orders against both Mr Snooks and Bufton after a March 2017 incident.Judge Cain said making two applications was not in line with Victoria Police policy and guidance at the time, which directed only one primary aggressor should be identified in family violence incidents.Judge Cain said police could have removed themselves from the application against Mr Snooks and allowed Bufton to pursue it on her own when she told police she was not afraid of Mr Snooks.Mr Snooks, a father-of-two, had attended Bufton's property with a friend on the fatal day in 2017, intending to collect his caravan, but Bufton became verbally abusive and took the keys to his car.Mr Snooks was walking out of the property while on the phone to triple-0 when Bufton drove her car down the driveway and veered onto the grass towards him.Mr Snooks was hit at 12.50pm and later declared dead at the scene.The coronial report reveals Mr Snooks had told police in February 2017 he had been experiencing verbal and physical abuse from Bufton since 2016 and he was having difficulty retrieving his caravan from her.Police had visited her property with Mr Snooks in the past to retrieve the caravan but left without it after Bufton became argumentative.Mr Snooks had also reported to police Bufton would take his glasses and hearing aid whenever he indicated he wanted to leave the relationship and alleged she told him he "needed shooting".🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱How many lives could have been saved if the work of police wasn’t influenced by the false belief that all men are perpetrators?The reality is operational procedures are being influenced by feminist and academics who will completely ignore male victims of domestic violence because of their gender. Every week we hear examples of police failing male victims because they deem their female attackers vulnerable because of their gender.It’s a betray! More here, #endalldv #domesticviolence #DONOTCONSENT #menshealth #call1300008602 ... See MoreSee Less
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September is suicide prevention month.If you can make it to Canberra for this event they could use your support! ... See MoreSee Less
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The impact of family separation on Fathers and their children is one of the leading causes of suicide in Men in Australia.We see the damage caused on a daily basis and it’s why the ABF continues to call for reforms while delivering services. #21fathers #WSPD2022 #menshealth #domesticviolence #call1300008602Brothers this Saturday is world suicide prevention day. It’s a solemn reminder for all of us to check in with our friends, work colleagues and family to remind them that you are available to offer support.As a brotherhood we experience the terrible impact that family separation has on fathers and their children, and encourage anyone who is struggling to contact the ABF or our provider network for assistance.We are for Dads.#21fathers #suicideprevention #menshealth #familylaw #childsupport #domesticviolence #call1300008602 ... See MoreSee Less
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It appears there is one Senator in Canberra doing their job. ... See MoreSee Less
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We invite you to become a member and partner in reforming social policy as part of the Australian Better Families Party. We know through better social policy we can provide better opportunities for our families and the future of our nation.



Reform won't happen by itself, it will take all of us working together and every dollar counts. As a new federal political party, we need your financial support to promote our policies to ensure every Australian hears about the ABF Party on the lead up to the next federal election.



Be the change you want to see in the world. Are you interested in representing your community as a candidate for the Australian Better Families Party?


The Australian Better Families Party, with your help, will fix social policy and ensure Australian families are the first to benefit from policy decisions made by the government.

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