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Social policy reform is a job every Australian should be concerned about and as your federal political party, we want to be involved on the ground in your community.

Our job isn’t to just talk about better lives for our families, our job is to ensure policy reforms provide better lives for our families that help us move forward as a better nation.

Please use our Facebook page to interact with the ABF Party and our candidates, ask questions, share ideas, connect with friends and family and invite us to get involved in your event or community program.

We can make social policy reform happen when we do it together.

19 hours ago
New research finds battery storage can save families money

Here's the proof that our Cheap Clean Energy Policy is the way forward.

Solar panels on the roof, battery storage in the house and an electric car in the garage and you zero out your electricity ... See more

1 day ago
Aged care commission: 'I had no idea someone could do that'

Every Australian deserves to be protected from abuse and violence particularly when they are vulnerable.

What should we do when our family members lives become part of a business plan, and their ... See more

Hidden camera footage revealed a nursing home carer attempting to suffocate a defenceless 89-year-old, Aged Care Commission has heard.

6 days ago
Top lawyer: Family Court ‘a mistake‘

When the lawyers who are calling for Family Law reform as part of the ALRC focus on the mental health judges rather than the health of parents and children it further demonstrates how out of touch ... See more

1 week ago
Daily Telegraph

If we can’t look after them when they come home why do we continue to sent them into harms way?

Our veterans deserve more from policy particularly when they find themselves dealing with health ... See more

Kyle Wilson had already lost six friends to suicide when he struggled to get help himself after he was referred to a specialist more than 70km from the 28-year-old father’s ... See more

1 week ago

We can change the way unemployed Australians contribute to their communities by delivering local job opportunities that will improve service delivery to working families.

Would you like to see a ... See more

1 week ago

This is a medical certificate provided to a father who is struggling with mental health issues that are a direct result of failed family law and child support policy.

The Child Support System in ... See more

1 week ago
The Australian

The failure of water security policy in Australia is now at a point where councils are preparing to delivery bottled water rural communities in southern Qld.

Australian families in NSW have been ... See more

In southern Queensland’s food bowl, farmers warn they won’t be able to plant a crop this spring.

1 week ago

In this message a parent outlines the emotional and psychological abuse they are experiencing after agreeing to property and parenting matters.

This type of domestic violence is leaving families ... See more

1 week ago
9 News Sydney

The security of Australian food production relies on our farmers ability to access affordable clean water in farming to grow our food.

Their are some Aussie farmers who have water running through ... See more

#EXCLUSIVE: Details on investors buying and selling water, forcing struggling farmers to the brink.

#9News |

2 weeks ago
Meet some of the Australian men who’ll die by suicide this week

The suicide rate in Australian men has increased by almost 10% each year for the last 5 years with no real plan in place to reduce it.

The many organisations who feed off the hundreds of millions ... See more

This week, roughly 45 men will take their own lives.


We invite you to become a member and partner in reforming social policy as part of the Australian Better Families Party. We know through better social policy we can provide better opportunities for our families and the future of our nation.



Reform won't happen by itself, it will take all of us working together and every dollar counts. As a new federal political party, we need your financial support to promote our policies to ensure every Australian hears about the ABF Party on the lead up to the next federal election.



Jewell Drury, Australian Better Families Party first candidate and our number one Senate candidate for NSW in federal parliament. Follow the link below to find out more about Jewell, her family and what makes her the right choice to represent the families of New South Wales.


The Australian Better Families Party, with your help, will fix social policy and ensure Australian families are the first to benefit from policy decisions made by the government.

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