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Social policy reform is a job every Australian should be concerned about and as your federal political party, we want to be involved on the ground in your community.

Our job isn’t to just talk about better lives for our families, our job is to ensure policy reforms provide better lives for our families that help us move forward as a better nation.

Please use our Facebook page to interact with the ABF Party and our candidates, ask questions, share ideas, connect with friends and family and invite us to get involved in your event or community program.

We can make social policy reform happen when we do it together.

1 day ago
The Battle of Long Tan | Australian Army

Today we remember the Battle of Long Tan and the veterans who fought in what was the most recognised Australian battle of the Vietnam War.

For details of the battle and to better understand what ... See more

The Battle of Long Tan is the most publicised Australian battle of the Vietnam War. In a decade-long war that, for the most part, consisted of small contacts with an enemy that was reluctant to ... See more

3 days ago
Emergency services to take over Tamworth's water supply, if need be

We are about to see more rural and remote Australian communities run out of drinking water as the drought continues.

Long term water security needs to be addressed to ensure our food security is ... See more

If Tamworth's dam falls in to the low single figures, emergency services would take over the provision of the city's water.

6 days ago
Violence against women to stay 'static' until gender roles change, says COAG plan

Domestic violence policy in Australia continues to ignore male victims and their families particularly when a relationship ends and children are involved.

We know that to have a significant impact ... See more

1 week ago

Has Victoria crossed a line by ordering men and fathers to pay cash penalties to domestic violence charity White Ribbon.

Reports suggest that a father, who contacted the mother of his child to ... See more

2 weeks ago
Ricci had a powerful story, and a question no one could answer

Our Community Employment program will ensure Australians like Ricci are provided with employment that suits them in their community.

"We will provide a job for every Australian able to ... See more

"With respect, you haven't answered my question," she said to the Q&A panel after sharing her heartbreaking story about losing her job.

2 weeks ago

Join the Australian Better Families Party and help us provide better policy for Australian families!

2 weeks ago
Doubling of domestic violence murders in NSW has authorities worried

Can you imagine the positive cultural changes that could be realised in Australia if we were to deliver the same quality of services and support to all victims of family and domestic violence ... See more

2 weeks ago
The University of Melbourne


#21fathers #endalldv #homelessness #BetterFamilies #BetterNation

Rates of diagnosed mental illness have soared in Australia. It's now the most common serious illness, with women suffering the highest rates.

What's going on? We asked one of our psychology experts ... See more

2 weeks ago
Join the Australian Better Families Party

Join us and help reform social policy for Australian families.

We are better together...

#BetterPolicy #BetterFamilies #BetterNation


We invite you to become a member and partner in reforming social policy as part of the Australian Better Families Party. We know through better social policy we can provide better opportunities for our families and the future of our nation.



Reform won't happen by itself, it will take all of us working together and every dollar counts. As a new federal political party, we need your financial support to promote our policies to ensure every Australian hears about the ABF Party on the lead up to the next federal election.



Jewell Drury, Australian Better Families Party first candidate and our number one Senate candidate for NSW in federal parliament. Follow the link below to find out more about Jewell, her family and what makes her the right choice to represent the families of New South Wales.


The Australian Better Families Party, with your help, will fix social policy and ensure Australian families are the first to benefit from policy decisions made by the government.

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