POLITICS – Mikayla Mayoh, Burdenkin Advocate

A GOLD Coast-based minor party hoping to change the way Australians view domestic violence made its way through the Burdekin recently. The Australian Better Families party executive Leith Erikson is hoping his personal
experiences will help drive a message of equality in discussions surrounding domestic violence.

Mr Erikson said the current domestic violence policies in place were failing male victims. In early February Ayr Police were reporting more than one domestic violence incident every day. Mr Erikson believes more needs to be done to ensure there is crisis support available for all victims of domestic violence, and not just women.

According to Queensland Courts statistics in the past year, 4654 domestic violence order applications have been lodged by aggrieved men compared to 13,352 applications lodged by aggrieved women. With caravan in tow, Mr Erikson and party volunteer Sharon Fowler are now making their way up the Queensland coast to raise awareness for the issue and bring social reform.

You can see more policy from the ABF Party here www.betterfamilies.org.au/better-policy