How long have you been forced to wait?

The Child Support System continues to fail some of our nations most vulnerable families.

The system was originally set up to ensure separating families would have access to family income to support the financial needs of children, to maintain a lifestyle they were accustomed to prior to family separation.

What it really did was impose a draconian social penalty on paying parents, mostly fathers, who are forced into years of financial servitude to receiving parents, mostly mothers, who often ignore parenting orders and restrict access to their children to maximise the financial returns that they receive.

Child support is more spousal support that rewards custodial parents who commit acts of family violence against the noncustodial parent, with policy providing financial rewards for the abusers.

Many payers are left emotionally and financially broken after years of struggling with payments that are often assessed at amounts higher than their taxable income while being provided with no contact with the very children they are expected to support.

The child support system and its tax payer funded staff contribute to the deaths of many thousands of Australian fathers, leaving our society to deal with traumatised dysfunctional children who become traumatised dysfunctional adults.

It is an unforgivable betrayal by successive governments who know well the damage caused.

We need your help to change it!

Here’s our #PolicySnapShot


Our reforms to the child support system will overhaul how child support is calculated and paid. We will remove the financial incentives that are paid to parents who withhold access to children while ensuring on-time payments for parents who have private agreements.

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