Domestic violence legislation in Australian does not provide adequate protection to boys, men and fathers who are victims of domestic violence.

Some states do not list Australian men as vulnerable persons in their domestic violence legislation and deliberately discriminate against them.

Here’s an example of how your gender can determine your penalty.

This young woman ran over her boyfriend and lied about it.

If the perpetrator had been male do you think they they would have walked free from the court house?

We need your help to bring family violence reforms to ensure all victims of domestic violence get access to services and support regardless of their age, gender or sexuality.

We live in a country where fathers are jailed for sending text messages begging for access to their children and then you see stories like this.

AN 18-YEAR-OLD hospitality worker rammed her partner with a car and then drove off after an argument spiralled out of control. Breanna Emma-Lee Edwards pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

The court heard a heated argument began between Edwards and her boyfriend inside a car on the evening of June 7 last year, during which Edwards slapped the man and told him she did not care if he died.

Her partner exited the car and stood in front of it before he told Eli Waters woman, “if you’re going to run me over then go ahead and do it”. That’s when Edwards reversed the car and accelerated toward her boyfriend. She drove into her boyfriend with enough impact to shatter half of the windscreen.

He landed in a gutter and watched Edwards drive away. Police prosecutor Kathryn Stagoll said Edwards initially told police her partner threw himself onto the windscreen. But neighbours who watched the scene unfold from their balcony told of a story that matched the victim’s version.

Magistrate Ross Woodford told Edwards said this was an “extremely serious matter” and she could have killed him. Defence lawyer Daniel Ould said Edwards was emotional at the time. He said the criminal act was “out of character” for Edwards as she otherwise had a clean record. Edwards has fixed her windscreen since the incident.

Mr Ould said the pair made amends and were still in a relationship. “He has forgiven her for her actions,” he said. Edwards was fined $3000 and has been disqualified from driving for six months.

Mr Woodford said people committing this offence were generally jailed but chose not to send Edwards to prison because of her age, clean criminal history and current employment.


Domestic violence legislation in Australian does not provide protection to boys, men and fathers with some states deliberately not listing Australian men as vulnerable people.

This is why we need better representation in federal parliament and a Minister For Men