As the nation deals with the fallout from the Chinese Virus, vulnerable parents who are forced to deal with the dysfunctional Family Courts continue to be failed… often because of their gender.

In this story we see how the Federal Police failed to act quickly to protect at risk children and deal with a child recovery order issued by the Family Courts.

The family court put the mother on notice that if she continued to breach the parenting orders that a recovery order would be made and the AFP would be instructed to collect the children and return them to their father.

A few days later the mother again ignores the directions of the court, and as she had done many times since receiving the final orders, withheld the children and breached the parenting orders.
The difference in this case between a mother dealing with a recovery order and a father is that when the courts instructed the AFP to collect the children and return them to their father they didn’t.
A week after the recovery order was made instructing the AFP to collect the children they had still not actioned the recovery and had passed the buck onto state police to collect the kids.
8 days later with the children still living with an abusive mother police are yet to sight the children or take them
To their fathers home at the direction of the family court.
If this was a judge requesting the children be returned to a mother on a recovery order it would have happened immediately! We have seen it happen within 24 hours when its a Father withholding the children.

Have the Australian Federal Police failed you and your family?

We need urgent reforms to legislation and deserve better outcomes from Family Law system and state and federal police.

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Here’s our Family Law Policy


Our policy will ensure families dealing with child access disputes will be supported through long-term mediation and counselling programs to maintain healthy relationships and happy families post-separation.

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