Every day across Australia fathers lose hope and take their lives.

In many cases there is a basic failure of policy to provide support for men in crisis and to protect their human rights.

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) met on the 13th of March 2020 to discuss important issues for Australians including the prevention of Family and Domestic Violence.

Details of the meeting outcomes can be found here:


Reducing violence against women and their children
Australian women and children have the right to live in safety and be free from violence. The murders of Hannah Clarke and her three children shocked the country and reinforced once again the prevalence of violence against women and their children. On average, one woman a week is killed by a current or former intimate partner.

Reducing this violence is everyone’s responsibility. Reflecting their commitment to implement, and where possible, expedite their contributions under the Fourth Action Plan, leaders agreed to elevate Women’s Safety Ministers’ meetings to a new COAG Council to drive implementation of initiatives under the Fourth Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children 2010-2022 (www.plan4womenssafety.dss.gov.au).

Leaders agreed that national primary prevention campaigns and activities play an important role in changing the attitudes and behaviours that can lead to violence against women. As a priority, the COAG Women’s Safety Council will work together to understand the current status of crisis accommodation and how to improve the effectiveness of current housing support. Leaders agreed that Women’s Safety Ministers will start work on the development of the next National Plan, with national consultations to begin in Alice Springs in 2020.

You should note that the COAG plan to reduce violence against men and their children does not exist.

Could their failure to provide policy to protect men from violence be deemed negligence?

Here’s our Policy Snap Shot to protect Australians like Jeff.

Family Violence Reform

Our policy will enforce a zero tolerance approach to all family and domestic violence. Domestic violence legislation will be amended to ensure services and support will be provided to all victims regardless of their age, gender or sexuality.

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