Here we go.
The good people of Northern NSW and South Western Qld will be the first to get to see the campaign team from the Australian Better Families Party as we take our party policies to voters.
The plan is Tenterfield Saturday morning and Stanthorpe Saturday afternoon. Warwick for the colour run Sunday morning and Toowoomba for a late lunch Sunday afternoon.
If you’re local it would be great to see you, let us know and we can catch up while we are in town.

Great to be in the birth place of our nation as one of its newest federal political parties.
A little history about Tenterfield.
Tenterfield is one of the country’s most significant historical areas. Known as the ‘Birthplace of our Nation’ – Sir Henry Parkes delivered his famous Federation Speech in the Tenterfield School of Arts in 1889, which ultimately led to the Federation of all Australian States in 1901.
The historic Tenterfield railway station, now a museum, was opened in 1886 and closed in 1988. The locals we spoke with at the markets thought that reopening regional rails services was a good investment in the bush but believed it would never happen.
Families in the district offered policy opinions that ranged from access to better water infrastructure, mental health services, foreign ownership, a greater focus of domestic aid, gender neutral domestic violence services and if onions go on the bottom or on top of your sausage ?.
Our NSW families have the amazing Jewell Drury – NSW Senate Candidate as their ABF party representative for the Senate.
Thank you to the Tenterfield Railway Museum for having us as part of their event.
We are better together…
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