When we heard of the changes to licensing requirements for live music festivals in NSW we acted to produce policy in support of live music. The Industry has been targeted thanks in part to failed national drug policy that continues to criminalise the recreational use of illegal drugs. So instead of doing more to provide information and health support for drug users government shifts liability of drug use and overdose onto the event organiser. This in our opinion is just more bad policy to will not stop drug use or drug deaths.

Lock out laws have effectively shut down live music in Sydney and yet the consumption of drugs and alcohol has not changed.

Blaming live music isn’t the answer, reforming drug policy and introducing pill testing is.

Here’s our policy

Supporting Live Music

The ABF Party supports the establishment of an industry regulator to work with event organisers to aid in the delivery of safer live music events. We see the Australian live music industry as an important partner in our Better Drug Reform Policy.

Better Drug Reform

Our drug reform policy will work to treat drug use as a health issue while doubling efforts to reduce trafficking and illegal production. We support providing access to testing facilities for recreational users while encouraging safe choices combined with support and education.

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