In a soon to be released report that was commissioned as part of a study into the experiences of male victims of domestic violence in Australia,  it was found that 70% of fathers who reported experiencing domestic to police were turned away.

The report by an Australian domestic violence charity highlights the nationwide failure of governments and police to provide non-gendered support to male victims of domestic violence when they make contact with police for support.

This research supports the anecdotal reports the ABF Party has received from many men and their families who have shared personal accounts of police turning men away when they seek to make reports of domestic violence, child abuse and property damage against their female partners and wives.

The National Six Point Plan to Stop Domestic Violence in Australia demonstrates how government is failing male victims.

  • Communities are safe and free from violence
  • Relationships are respectful
  • Indigenous communities are strengthened
  • Services meet the needs of women and their children experiencing violence
  • Justice responses are effective
  • Perpetrators stop their violence and are held to account

State and federal governments deliver gendered domestic violence policy to the nation which continues to discriminate against male victims. This is further demonstarted by some state governments choosing not to mentioning men as vulnerable persons as part of their domestic violence legislation.

More to come…

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