The Liberal – National Coalition has lied to Australian families about our food security during the Chinese Virus Pandemic.

🐍 18th of March Prime Minister Scott Morrison told us that, “there was no need to panic buy” but most of the flour, pasta and mince was already gone from supermarket shelves.

🐍 19th of March Agricultural Minister David Littleproud said, “We’ve got plenty of food to go round”

🐍 12th of April The National Farmers Federation said, “the one thing Aussies DO NOT have to worry about is their nation’s food supply.”

🐍 21st of April The Attorney General Christian Porter tells the nation, “Australia is one of the most food secure countries in the world”, while at the same time informing us that food production is set to increase.”

If there was enough food why after just one month are you now telling us that food production is set to increase?

We know why… you lied!

Four critical things we must do to ensure food security in Australia:

 Scrap the Murray Darling Plan

 Provide our farmers with water to grow crops

 Increase our national fuel storage reserves

 Make the nation energy self sufficient

Here’s our #PolicySnapShot


Our food and water security policy is about ensuring Australian families have an uninterrupted supply and access to local healthy, natural food and clean drinking water in times of national crisis.

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