The privatisation of suicide.

The numbers of men who suicide are staggering and yet we still tell men in crisis to call service providers who blame them because of the gender while referring them to behaviour change programs.

The Australian government has skilfully produced a national conversation about domestic violence that has seen all boys, men and fathers branded perpetrators of domestic violence because of their gender.

Let’s reflect on some of the statements made by the executives of organisations like White Ribbon with CEO Libby Davies who said “We must stop violence at the source and the source is men” and the CEO of No to Violence Jacqui Watt who runs Men’s line telling us that “Family violence begins and ends with men”.

Do you think sending men in crisis to organisations run by women who are determined to punish men for being men particularly when they find themselves in a vulnerable position after separation was a good idea?

That would be like making former Prime Minister Julia Gillard head of one of the nations key Mental Health service providers, Beyond Blue, after she forced through changes to family law legislation allowing no fact evidence to be used in family law matters…. wait a minute!

Victoria’s Coroner has warned of the “staggering” increase of male suicide within the state, calling on the community to do more to support those battling mental health issues.

We need a Minister for Men!

Here’s our #PolicySnapShot


To complement the existing Minister for Women portfolio we will ensure Australian boys, men and fathers have a dedicated ministerial portfolio for men. A minister for men will ensure national male health and education programs are in place and appropriately funded.

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