The media has reported that 21 women have lost their lives in domestic violence incidents from the beginning of January, sadly demonstrating how Australia’s Domestic Violence Policy has failed to protect vulnerable families and prevent the deaths.

Over the same period, 11 men and 5 children also lost their lives in domestic violence incidents, which for us, is equally important but sadly not deemed a necessary part of the domestic violence narrative being driven by the media and major political parties.

So the question is, do we need another domestic violence inquiry?

For us the answer is Yes.

Particularly when policy has not prevented the deaths and in many cases victims have had their deaths hidden by the media and ignored by politicians.

Here’s our #PolicySnapShot


Our policy will enforce a zero tolerance approach to all family and domestic violence. Domestic violence legislation will be amended to ensure services and support will be provided to all victims regardless of their age, gender or sexuality.

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