Gold Coast man caught in siege after “ex-wife’s” bogus call to Police.

An Australian Army veteran has told of the horrors of being caught in a police siege after his ex-wife falsely told authorities he had taken his daughter hostage and wanted to kill her.

Branko Sola was enjoying a quiet evening at home with his teenage daughter when police cars, a chopper and a sniper surrounded his Gold Coast Hinterland home after his ex-wife told police he was a crazed ex-military with PTSD and a gun.

“I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my then 13-year-old daughter and next thing I know there’s cop cars in my yard, a chopper hovering above me and a sergeant screaming asking if I have a weapon,” he said.

“I told them I didn’t have a weapon and that I had no idea what they were talking about. In those moments I have no doubt that a sniper had me in his sight.”

Mr Sola eventually managed to calm the situation after a very ‘scary’ period in which his daughter confirmed she was safe and that her father did not in fact have a weapon.
Mr Sola said Police then entered his home and consoled both he and his daughter.

“The police were literally shaking and told me they arrived at my house expecting a shootout,” he said.
“The police were very good and we sat together and calmed things down. They told me they didn’t expect it to end so peacefully.”

Mr Sola said his daughter now suffered from severe anxiety and depression and trembles to the point where she is about to pass out when police are in close proximity.

Mr Sola’s ex-wife is yet to face charges for the incident.
“The police said they knew she wanted me dead, but that they could only speculate and they couldn’t make an arrest on speculation,” he said.

Mr Sola endured an extremely rocky relationship with his ex-wife before separating two years ago after 12 years together.

He completed two tours in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2010 and 2012 respectively, and said his ex-wife becoming more and more aggravated in his absence, culminating in the alleged abuse and neglect of his daughters, medical evidence of which was produced during a recent Family Court Hearing.

But despite evidence from doctors confirming neglect and abuse, as well as a damning psychological report supporting Mr Sola’s claims, a female Magistrate instead imposed a restraining order on him sighting PTSD as the reason.

His now 14-year-old daughter has since been forced by the court to return to her mother until she is old enough to legally make her own decisions.

He is now forbidden to go within 100m of his daughters.
“My daughter is petrified of her mother,” Mr Sola said. “I cannot believe that after I produced all that evidence, that a Magistrate has imposed restrictions on me.

“It was the biggest kick in the guts. The doctor and psychologist (who supplied the reports) could not believe what was happening. We are all in disbelief.”

Mr Sola’s last line of hope stands with the High Court as he continues to build his case which is due to be heard next month.

Mr Sola is set to represent himself as he fights for his right to see his children while holding his ex-wife accountable for the alleged neglect and abuse of her daughters.

“They tell me I shouldn’t represent myself but I know this case better than anyone,” he said. “I have been living this nightmare for too long.”

Australian Brotherhood of Fathers founder Leith Erikson said injustices such as Mr Sola’s were the tip of the iceberg.
“This is not how we are supposed to treat fathers or any parent for that matter, least not those who have served our nation,” he said.

“The atrocities Branko has been subjected to are unfathomable to most, but unfortunately it is the reality faced by so many fathers and veterans every day.”

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