Organisers of the Women’s march are telling us that “Australian women are calling for independent investigations into cases of gendered violence” what they are not saying is they want to ignore the rules of law and the presumption of innocence.
What they want is to brand men guilty because of their gender, something that is already happening in DV matters.
As unusual some women’s groups, the unions and Labor and peddling a false narrative at the expense of all victims of domestic violence.

Thousands of women are expected to march across major cities and small towns on Monday to protest against misogyny and alleged sexual abuse in Australia’s parliament.

Janine Hendry is the founder of the March 4 Justice protest, which was established in the wake of reports of an alleged rape at Parliament House against former staffer Brittany Higgins, and the historical rape allegations levelled against Attorney-General Christian Porter.

“The anger and frustration welled up inside of me,” Ms Hendry told SBS News. “Because ultimately these issues of sexual abuse are arising because of a fundamental systemic inequality that exists in our society.”

Sadly what these organisers fail to acknowledge is that women are not the only victims of violence in our society and rather than speak out for all victims they have decided to focus only on women suggesting violence is gendered.
This is an unacceptable betrayal that is just another example of how far we have fallen in relation to integrity and fairness of social policy outcomes in Australia.