As a small political party we have a lot of people we want to talk to and limited time and resources available for us to do that.

After reaching out to news outlets and journalists around the country they have been told us that we will struggle to get any main media advertising.

In fact the political correspondents that did respond to our media requests told us, “Unless you have a celebrity or an ex-Olympian as a candidate they wouldn’t be interested”.

So where does this leave us then…

Well it means that we must do everything we can to connect with the voting public on as many free platforms available to us and do it well.

You as a supporter of the ABF party have an important role to play here because it’s you that we need to get our campaign material out and in front of your friends, family and work colleagues. You can do this by simply liking a post, commenting, tagging friends and by sharing as much of the ABF Party material that we produce as you can.

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, view and share our clips on YouTube and even share this blog if you think it will help.

Social media is now such an important tool in political campaigns that anything you share becomes an important part of our political success, which can ultimately enable our ability to realise policy reform where it’s needed.

If you have questions about how you can help or concerns about our policy or campaign you can contact us via our social media pages or email